Shawsrigg Fire Clay E Co LD Glasgow

Found in By Eddie McLean in Glasgow..

Shawsrigg Fireclay and Enamelling Company, Larkhall,  Glasgow

Note the channel through the arris to the left of the frog.

This brick is enamelled to one side. It is not clear from the photo but there is a small ‘D’ next to the ‘L’ for limited.




Below – the same stamp on a slightly smaller brick. Note the 2 x channels through the arris.

I believe the mark below is the same as the one above  but the ‘D’ of ‘LD’ is missing or badly stamped. The ‘C’ of ‘CO’ is obliterated by the screwhead impression.

Below – This brick was found by Eddie McLean in the Glasgow area. It  is hard to see the stamp but it is definitely a Shawsrigg Glasgow brick. I think the middle line is as per the main brick on this page albeit it takes a certain light and angle and imagination to see it! However the interesting features are the indentations in the arris top and bottom centre of the frog. This is the same on both sides. One header is enamelled. The brick measures 8 4/5″ x 4 1/4″ x 3″

Below – Top front indentation. Not the two x ‘2’ and just below these numbers there are two x very faint ‘5’s

Below – Bottom front indentation – A reversed ‘7’ and either two x ‘1’ or ‘I’

Below – The rear frog with similar indentations and an unusual double square feature to the centre.

Below  – Top rear indentation – again there appears to be either two x ‘1’ or ‘I’

Below – The rear middle frog feature.

Below – The Bottom rear indentation – A ‘1’ or ‘I’ plus a revesed ‘B’ or a ‘3’

There are other vague shapes within these indentations which are likely more indescernible letters and numbers.







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