Shawsrigg Fire Clay & Enl Co Ld Glasgow

Found at Larkhall, Lanarkshire.

Shawsrigg Fireclay and Enamelling Company, Larkhall,  Glasgow

I think this is a slight variation with regards to my other very similar bricks. The middle line appears to be stamped ‘ENL’ for Enamelling and the alignment of the middle line letters is different.

The ‘G’ are of a different style to my other version too.

Note the letters are raised.



Below – As in another Shawsrigg example I have, there appears to be numbers or letters stamped on the indentations on the arris to the left and right of the frog, front and rear.

Below – Left side front – Very difficult to make out any numbers but I think they are there.

Below – Rear – The double square design in the middle of the rear frog.

Below – Left-hand rear indentation in the arris reveals a ‘7’ or a ‘1’.



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