Possil Brickworks, Petershill Road, Glasgow

It is entirely possible that the Possil Brickworks were previously known as the Lambhill Brickworks, Lambhill, Glasgow

Below – 29/09/1869 – Glasgow Herald – Bricks and equipment for sale at the Brickwork, Possil near Lambhill Bridge.

Below – 23/05/1893 – Glasgow Herald – 2 men fined for cruelty to a horse while leading bricks from Possil Park to Lambhill.

Below – 25/12/1895 – Glasgow Herald – Colliery and brickworks to let on Possil Estate.

Below  – 1896 – Possil Brickworks.

08/01/1896 – Glasgow Herald – Colliery on Possil Estate to let – The proprietor is prepared to let the unworked minerals presently leased to the Springburn Coal Company extending to about 250 acres with entry at Whitsunday 1896. There are 2 going pits and a brickworks on the lands …

Below – 1910 – Possil Brickworks. The works are disused by 1933.


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