Hangingshaw Brickworks, Cathcart, Glasgow

Hangingshaw Brickworks, Cathcart, Glasgow.

Below –10/02/1845 – Glasgow Herald – To brickmakers and other  – For sale Part of the lands of Hanginshaw called Burnpark.

To brickmakers and others. For sale by private bargain, that part of the lands of Haningshaw called Burnpark, with the houses thereon, at present possessed by Mr Andrew Speirs and others, consisting of three acres, three roods, lying about 11/2 miles to the south-east of Glasgow, in the Parish of Cathcart. The lands, which are let on lease at £18 per annum, are excellent for agricultural purposes and are well adapted for a kitchen garden or nursery.  From their nearness to town, and being bounded by two sides by public roads, they may become valuable for feuing purposes.  The houses and garden are rented at £23: 5s. yearly.  There is a thick bed of excellent clay in the ground, immediately below which is a bed of sand, both fit to form a large brick and tile field.  The ground lies on a slight and even slope, and there is plenty of water to be got from the burn, which forms one of its boundaries, for the purpose of working the clay.  There is no toll chargeable for use of the road leading directly to Glasgow.  The tenant in the land is bound to give up the same whenever it is required to work the clay or to fuel the ground.  The Feu duty is £27: 11: 3d.  Price moderate. Apply to James Nisbet, writer, 11, Miller Street, Glasgow, 10th Feb. 1845.


Below – 20/06/1867 – Southern Reporter – Scotch Bankrupts – J & W Baird, brickmakers, Hangingshaw, near Glasgow.


13/07/1867 – Glasgow Evening Post – J & W Baird, brickmakers, Hangingshaw near Glasgow and in the Parish of Cathcart and the county of Renfrew, as a company and James Baird, brickmaker there, surviving the only partner of that company, as a partner thereof and as an individual, will be examined in the Sheriff courthouse, Paisley July 23rd at 12 o’clock.

1874 – 1875 – Eadie, G. & A., brickmakers and builders, Hangingshaw; office, 215 Caledonia Road.

Below – 04/01/1875 – Glasgow Herald – The partnership of George and Alexander Eadie is dissolved and George Eadie will carry on the business alone.

1877 – 1878 – George Eadie, brickmaker, Hangingshaw; office, 215 Caledonia Road.

George Eadie, quarry master, Bogton, Cathcart; office, 215 Caledonia Road.

George Eadie, brickmaker. Possil Bank Works, Possil Road.

1878 – 1879 –  George Eadie, brickmaker, Hangingshaw; house, Hampden Park Villa. Mount Florida.

George Eadie, brickmaker. Possil Bank Works, Possil Road; ho. Hampden Park Villa. Mount Florida.

Below – 02/01/1880 – Glasgow Herald – On Wednesday 7th January at Hangingshaw Brickworks at 12 noon. Sale of about 20,000 bricks in lots to suit, A 3 ton steam crane with upright boiler and connections, 15, 20, 30 and 40 cwt derrick cranes, Large quantity navvy and long brick barrows, Sling and drag chains, Smiths tools, Pair of bellows etc belonging to the sequestrated Mr George Eadie and sold by order of Wm McKinnon Esq, C.A Trustee.

Below – 07/02/1881 – Glasgow Herald – Hangingshaw Brickfield for sale.

1882 – George Eadie, brickmaker, 405 Mathieson Street, Glasgow.

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