Port Dundas

Found in Glasgow by Eddie McLean.

There are many references to Port Dundas on my website – click me  – but this product is most likely to be a manufactured by

Port-Dundas Fire Brick & Clay Co., firebrick, &c, makers, 44 Bishop street, Port Dundas, Glasgow.


Port-Dundas Pottery Co., manufacturers of stoneware and Rockingham ware, 66 Bishop street, Port-Dundas.


Port Dundas Brick Co Ltd, 202 Hope Street, Glasgow.

although the James Murray and Co works, which I think are different to the above (but not sure) are a possibility also.

Below  – Found by Ian Suddaby at Port Dundas, Glasgow. This appears to have a different frog from the one aboveand there is no hyphen between Port and Dundas.

This is not in my possession.

Port Dundas brick



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