Cornton Brick and Tile Works, Near Stirling

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1865 – John Christie, Brick and tile maker, Cornton, Causewayside, Stirling / Clackmannan.

Below – 17/11/1876 – Glasgow Herald – Cornton and Shore brick works for sale.

22/02/1877 – Stirling Observer (An article referred to in the Stirling Observer 20/02/1917) – The trustees of the late Mr John Christie, brick and tile maker at Stirling and Cornton beg to announce that they have sold the stocks of bricks, tiles, and manufactured goods, belonging the firm of Messrs Christie & Son, to Mr John Govan, brick-maker and brick-buildier, Stirling, who will hereafter carry on the business at these works.

1878 – Christie & Son, Brick and tile makers, Cornton. Office 12 Murray Place, Stirling. ( Note – SBH – This entry confuses me due to the previous entries re the sale of The Shore and Cornton Brickworks)

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