Devonside Brick and Tile Works, Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire

Brick Work, Devonside, Tillicoultry.


1877 – M Penman, Brickmaker, Devonside.

Below – 04/03/1882 – Alloa Advertiser  – This article mentions the Devon brick works at Devonside.  Alloa Coal Company appear to be referred to as the owners.

1886J & P Govan – Brick and Tile Maker, Devonside, Tillicoultry.

(Note – SBH – I believe this will be the same J & P Govan that had the brickworks at Cornton, Stirling and an interest in the clayfields at Longriggs).

Below – 1898 – Brick Work, Devonside, Tillicoultry. The works are not in use by 1920 – old clay pits are noted on the map.

1901 – Directory of clay workers – John Govan, 23 Wallace Street and Cornton, Stirling. N.B. – Inchcoonans, Errol, Perthshire and Devonside, Tillicoultry, R.S.O., Clackmannanshire.

Below – 26/01/1901– Alloa Advertiser – Brickwork at Devonside, Tillicoultry for sale.


Below – 15/06/1901 – Alloa Advertiser  –  Miller Bros sue James Fyfe for £4 8s 6d after the brickworks were sold in February last. Miller Bros state they bought bricks during the sale and that Fyfe removed them prior to being uplifted.

25/08/1942 – Dundee Courier  – An article about children finding a hand grenade at a disused coup adjoining the former Devonside Brickworks, Tillicoultry. Four children died.

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