Blackgrange Brick and Tile Works, Cambus, Alloa


1841 – Census. William McAlley, brickmaker, Blackgrange.

10/07/1856 – Stirling Observer – The Stirling and Granton Steamers – A trip to Edinburgh … Then there is Christie’s extensive tile works at Blackgrange, most valuable, as we should suppose, to the agricultural district …

1861 – 1862 – ScotlandsPlaces – Reference to the brick and tile works at Blackgrange being sublet to Mr Christie.

21/03/1861 – Stirling Observer – Dead body of a female aged around 50 years found on the banks of the River Forth near Blackgrange Brick and Tile Works.

Below – 1863 – Blackgrange Brick and Tile Works. (The works are not detailed on the 1899  Map)

1867  – George Christie & Son, Brick and tile makers, Black Grange, Logie, Alloa.

01/05/1885 – ScotlandsPlaces – “The tilework has been pulled down”

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