Braidwood Brickworks, Braidwood, Carluke, South Lanarkshire.

Originally these works were known as the Braidwood Tileworks. They later moved to the other side of the railway and became the Braidwood Brick and Tile Works.

Canmore  – Braidwood Tileworks.

Canmore  – Braidwood Brick and Tile Works.

Canmore – Braidwood Brick and Tile Works alt The Thornice Brick and Tile Works.

Below – 28/03/1845 – Glasgow Herald- Could this be the original sale of the land that formed the Braidwood Brickworks that Hamilton worked or does this newspaper article refer to one of the several other Braidwood Brick Works.


18/05/1850 – Perry’s Bankrupt Gazette – Partnerships dissolved – Thomas and William Hamilton of Westwood and Hallcraig, Carluke, tile and brick manufacturers – 1st May. Debts by T Hamilton.

Below  – 22/12/1855  – Invoice  – Thomas Hamilton Tile manufacturer, Overton near Kirknewton. House Auchengray Cottage.

Works Auchengray by Carnwath.

Hallcraig by Carluke

Nellfield by Carluke

Newbigging by Broxburn

1860 1 1/2 pipes and collars £2 and 5 shilling

300 bricks for 10/6

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Below – 1858 – 1859 – Braidwood Tileworks. (Note – SBH – by 1896 the works had moved to the other side of the railway)

Below – 19/12/1859 – Glasgow Herald –  Clay and limestone on the Estate of Braidwood, Carluke to be let … Clay for brick and tile manufacture – The clay lies along the south-east side of the Caledonian Railway and close to Braidwood. The clay is of the best quality, of more than the average thickness and possessing facilities for easy working … apply to the proprietor of Braidwood House …(Note: SBH – I am uncertain as to which brickworks this may have been the origins of. Braidwood Brickworks is likely but it could also be the Meadow Brickworks).

1860 – 1861 – Extract from Valuation Rolls – Thomas Hamilton, Tile Maker, Hallcraig Clay Field. House – Schoularhall. Misses Robertson owned the land.

Below  –  21/06/1861  – Invoice – Thomas Hamilton Tile manufacturer, Overton near Kirknewton.  House – Park House, Carstairs

Works Auchengray by Carnwath

Pool by Carnwath

Glenboe by Pittimain Lanark

Hallcraig, Braidwood and Waterlands by Carluke.

500 4″ pipes – £1 and 5 shilling

3350 2 inch pipes – £ and 17 shillings and 1/2d

2000 2 ” pipes – £2 and 6 shilling

20160201_091041 (640x480)

1867 – Thomas Hamilton Brick Tile and Drain Pipe Manufacturer, Park Houses Carstairs. Works – Auchengray by Carnwath, Pool by Carnwath, Carmichael by Lanark, Braidwood by Carluke and Corehouse by Lanark. Note also a new design in roof tiles – a 2 ribbed version.

Thomas Hamilton 1867

1878 – Thomas Hamilton – Park House Carstairs Junction. Works Braidwood by Carnwath.

1882 – Thomas Hamilton, Brick and Tile Maker, Braidwood Brickworks. Office  Park House Carstairs Junction.

1897 – Thomas Hamilton, Brick and Tile Maker, Braidwood Brick and Tile Works.

Below – 1882 – Scottish brickmakers adverts.

1882 Thomas Hamilton Braidwood Carluke

1883 – Thomas Hamilton, Brick and Tile Manufacturer, Carluke.

1886 – James Allan, brick and tile and agricultural drain pipe manufacturers, Auchengray and Braidwood Brickworks. Office Hillhead Cottage, Carluke. (Note – SBH – Were James Allan and Thomas Hamilton in a partnership?) (Page886).

1886 – Thomas Hamilton – Park House Carstairs Junction. Works Braidwood by Carnwath and Auchengray.

Below – 1886 – Thomas Hamilton, Braidwood by Carluke.

Below – 1896 – Braidwood Brick and Tile Works.

Below – 1910 – Braidwood Brick and Tile Works.


Cumwhinton brick and tile works, Carlisle, England  – About 1883, Thomas Hamilton who owned Braidwood Brick and Tile Works. and Auchengray Brick and Tile Works in Lanarkshire opened Cumwhinton brick and tile works in Cumberland, about 4 miles east of Carlisle. William Hamilton was appointed the manager.

In 1901 James Hamilton, Williams son was appointed the manager. Thomas retired in 1902 and the Cumwhinton site was sold.


Below – 2015 – Study into the historical development of the Clyde and Avon Landscapes.


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