Auchengray Tileworks, Auchengray, Carnwath, South Lanarkshire

(Note – SBH – The info below is confusing as James Allan and Thomas Hamilton appear to swap ownership/management of these works on a regular basis. In 1878 they both appear to be there at the same time. So have I got something wrong here? Could there have been 2 sites at Auchengray near Carnwath or were they in a partnership or was one the owner and one the manager. Any info to clarify the situation will be gratefully received)

Canmore – 1994 – The site of the works is now largely reduced to piles of rubble. Only one robbed out kiln can be identified, measuring 15.5m E-W by 10.7m transversely over walls 1m thick. To the NW of these remains, there is a flooded clay pit, and to the S there are the ruins of a brick building which is probably Auchengray Cottage, and which measures 6.6m N-S by 5.3m within brick walls 0.3m thick and 0.4m high. A collapsed chimney, which appears to have stood independently of the building lies by its N end.

8/01/1847 – Fife Herald – Important Railway trial. Methven v The Edinburgh and Northern Railway Company (Note – SBH – There are interesting references here to the subject of this post) … John Milner, tilemaker, at West Calder. (Note – SBH – I believe John Milner may have had the Auchengray Tileworks see the entry 25/01/1862 below – but this only complicates the ownership of these works over the years!)  Had erected a work at Grangemuir, in Fife. The selling price of tiles at West Calder was 27s 6d. per 1000, the cost of working them 23s. Paid 5 per cent, of lordship on the gross sales. Had very good clay at Grangemuir, for which he paid £30 year of stated rent, with an option to the proprietor 8 per cent, on the gross sales. There was no arrangement made as to surface damages, although the land was let to a tenant. The depth of tirr was about 6 inches. Methven’s clay was very good, with stones it. The witness would not give more than 6d. a yard for it, at the present face with the present erections, but the clay beyond the turnpike would be so worthless for making tiles, that could not put a value on it. He would not work Fergus Field all.

1853 – Invoice – Thomas Hamilton, tile manufacturer, Overton near Kirknewton. Works – Auchengray by Carnwath and Newbigging by Broxburn and Hallcraig by Carluke and Braidwood by Carluke. The reference to Overton, Kirknewton may be Mr Hamiltons residence and office?

1854 – Invoice – Thomas Hamilton, tile manufacturer, Overton near Kirknewton. Works – Auchengray by Carnwath and Newbigging by Broxburn and Hallcraig by Carluke and Nellfield by Carluke. The reference to Overton, Kirknewton may be Mr Hamiltons residence and office?

Below- 22/12/1855 – Invoice. Thomas Hamilton, tile manufacturer, Overton near Kirknewton. House Auchengray Cottage.

Works Auchengray by Carnwath

Hallcraig by Carluke

Nellfield by Carluke

Newbigging by Broxburn

1860 1 1/2 pipes and collars £2 and 5 shilling

300 bricks for 10/6

20160201_091705 (640x480)

Below – 14/07/1856 – Glasgow Herald – Thomas Hamilton, Auchingray Tileworks by Carnwath – train accident. 14/07/1856 – Caledonian Mercury. The full trial details.

Below – 1859 – Auchengray Brick and Tile Works, Carnwath. These are not depicted on the 1896 map. (Note – SBH – On an 1868 invoice for Thomas Hamilton there are references to his tileworks at Auchengray by Carnwath and Pool by Carnwath. So it appears there was another tileworks near to these Auchengray Tileworks as these are just outside Pool. I cannot see where the Pool Tileworks were exactly situated).

Below  – 21/06/1861 – Invoice – Thomas Hamilton, brick and tile manufacturer. Park House, Carstairs

Works Auchengray by Carnwath

Pool by Carnwath

Glenboe by Pittinain Lanark

Hallcraig, Braidwood and Waterlands by Carluke.

500 4″ pipes – £1 and 5 shilling

3350 2 inch pipes – £ and 17 shillings and 1/2d

2000 2 ” pipes – £2 and 6 shillings

20160201_091041 (640x480)

25/01/1862 – Hamilton Advertiser – Wanted a steady and experienced tile burner for Auchengray Tile Works. Apply stating experience and wages expected, to John Milner, West Bank, West Calder. 07/01/1862.

25/08/1866 – Hamilton Advertiser – For sale, a black and tan setter dog, 3 years old and thorough broke. Apply to James Hamilton, Auchengray Brick Works by Carnwath, where it may be seen.

1867 – Thomas Hamilton Brick Tile and Drain Pipe Manufacturer, Park Houses Carstairs. Works – Auchengray by Carnwath, Pool by Carnwath, Carmichael by Lanark, Braidwood by Carluke and Corehouse by Lanark.

1868 – Invoice – Thomas Hamilton, brick and tile manufacturer, Parkhouse, Carstairs. Works – Auchengray by Carnwath and Pool by Carnwath and Carmichael by Lanark and Braidwood by Carluke and Waterlands by Carluke and Corehouse by Lanark. The reference to Parkhouse, Carstairs may be Mr Hamiltons residence and office?

1870 – James Allan took the lease of a tile works at Auchengray which worked until sequestration. Both of these businesses were profitable.

28/02/1873 – Edinburgh Gazette -The copartnery carried on by the subscribers, the sole partners, as brick and tile manufacturers at Auchengray, and Coal masters at Wilsontown Junction
Colliery, Auchengray, Carnwath, under the firm of Hunter and Allan, was dissolved by mutual consent, on 28th January 1873. The subscriber, James Allan, who is to carry on the business on his own account, is authorised to uplift and discharge the debts due to, and pay all debts due by, the copartnery. J. R. S. Hunter and James Allan.

Below – 21/01/1876 – Headed notepaper –  James Allan, Manufacturer of Agricultural and Sewerage Drain Pipes, Carluke – perforated, composition, fire, glazed stable and scullery bricks. Chimney cans, vents, vases, paving tiles, flue covers, cattle troughs, mangers, jars, stable and street blocks, byre gripping, garden borders, wall cope etc. Caledonian and Auchengray Works, Hillhead Cottage, Carluke.


1878 – James Allan, brick and tile works, Auchengray by Carnwath.

1878 – Thomas Hamilton, brick and tile works, Parkhouse Carstairs; works Auchengray by Carnwath.

1882 – James Allan – Auchengray and Braidwood Brickworks by Carnwath. Office Hillhead Cottage, Carluke.

1886 – James Allan, brick and tile and agricultural drain pipe manufacturers, Auchengray and Braidwood Brickworks. Office Hillhead Cottage, Carluke. (Page 886).

1886 – Thomas Hamilton – Park House Carstairs Junction. Works Braidwood by Carnwath and Auchengray.

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