Hillhead Tileworks, Carluke, South Lanarkshire

Below – 1859 – Hillhead Tileworks.

1860 – 1861 – Extracts from valuation rolls. Alexander Allan, Hillhead Farm – Clayfield with clay mill, a steam engine, sheds and kiln.

25/05/1867 – Hamilton Advertiser – For sale. Agricultural drainage tiles. Composition and fire brick, vitrified sewerage pipes, spigot and fawcet or with collar joint, chimney cans, flower vases, cattle troughs, cisterns and pickling jars and any description of fireclay articles, plain and ornamental, made to order. Orders addressed to James Allan, brick, tile and sewerage pipe works, Hillhead Cottage via Carluke will meet with strict attention.

Below – 15/02/1868 – Hamilton Advertiser – Mr Allan’s Hillhead Tileworks, Carluke for sale.

1870 – 1871 – Extracts from valuation rolls – James Allan, Tilemaker, House – Hillhead Cottage, Bushelhead Tilework, Bushelhead.

Samuel Rolland, Manager (Brickmaker) Lived in a house at the tilework.

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