Camlachie Brickworks, Porter Street, Glasgow

24/02/1845 – Glasgow Herald – Subjects in Camlachie. To be promptly sold on Wednesday 26th February next at 1 o’clock pm within the Royal Exchange salerooms under the powers in a bond and disposition in security. All and whole that piece of ground in Camlachie with the whole buildings and erections thereon containing 1 acre, 12 falls and 6 ells or thereby, Scotch measure, sometime occupied as a tileworks and bounded by ground now or formerly belonging to William McKechnie, brickmaker, Glasgow, on the North: by property belonging to the successors of James Anderson, on the south; by ground feued by the said William McKechnie to Thomas Beveridge and sold by him to Ebeneezer Jamieson, on the West.; and partly by ground feued to Hislop and Smith, and partly by the Camlachie Mill dam on the East, as more particularly bounded and described in the title deeds. From the extent of ground and supply of water and being within the Burgh of Glasgow, the subjects form an excellent and highly desirable situation for a public work …

(Note – SBH – I am uncertain if this article refers directly to the land used by Camlachie Brickworks but it is entirely possible it does so I have added the information here meantime).

02/07/1855 – Glasgow Herald – Notice – I pay John Porter, or any of my workmen their wages daily or hourly if required. Archibald Binnie, Camlachie Brickwork.

Below – 10/09/1856 – Glasgow Herald – Brickfield at Camlachie to let. Thomas Stark and Co, brickmakers. (Note – SBH – This advert may or may not be connected with the Camlachie Brickworks.)

Below – 1857 – Newlands Brickfields and 3 other brickfields including a clay mill. These are situated off Porter Street.

(Note – SBH – There are 4 brickfields at this location and I think they may be the Newlands Brickfield as shown on the map and at least one of the other brickfields was possibly that belonging to the Camlachie Brickworks which are also stated as being on Porter Street or to the South of the Shotts Road? I think William Guild was the proprietor and Archibald Binnie was a one time tenant. See also William Hodge‘s brickworks in Porter Street. It is rather confusing though!)

19/10/1857 – Glasgow Herald – To be let – A clay field, capable of producing 2 tables of bricks, also 2 stables of 4 and 8 stalls respectively with hay lofts and 2 small dwelling houses attached. The above are situated at Camlachie and will be let together or separately with immediate entry. For further particulars apply to William Guild, Proprietor, Porter Street, Camlachie.

1858 – 1859 – William Guild, brickmaker, Porter Street, Camlachie. House, 5 Newhall Terrace, Greenhead.

21/05/1858 – Glasgow Herald – To potters and ironmasters. Pugged clay for sale at Camlachie Brickwork, Porter Street wither on the field or delivered by the ton or for the season. Orders sent to Wm Guild, at the field, or to Peter Young, 475 Gallowgate.

18/10/1858 – Glasgow Herald – At the Brickfield, Porter Street, Great Eastern Road, Camlachie. 1,000,000 bricks by auction. To be put into lots to suit buyers. Now on view. Approved bills at three months or discount for cash. To let the brickfield – The clay is of the best quality and very plentiful. Tile making can be carried on if desired. The engine and plant may either be rented or had at a valuation. For further particulars apply to Mr Guild at the field; Mr Young, 11 Miller Street or the auctioneers.

Below – 07/05/1860 – Glasgow Herald – New bricks @ 21s per 1000, run of kiln. Do for partitions or iron moulding. Soft at 21s per 1000. Orders sent to William Guild, Camlachie Brickwork, 22 Porter Street or Peter Young, 11 Miller Street.

07/07/1860 – Glasgow Herald – Scotch Bankrupts – Examinations – Archibald Binnie, brickmaker, Camlachie, Glasgow, to be examined within the Chambers of Mr Sheriff Strathern, Court House, Glasgow, 13th July, at twelve o’clock. Creditors to meet within the Counting House of George McFarlane, accountant, 116 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, 24th July, at one o’clock.

Below  – 13/08/1860 – Glasgow Herald – Brickworks at Camlachie, to the South of Shotts Road to let. Proprietor Mr Guild.

Below – 31/08/1860 – Glasgow Herald – The Estate of Archibald Binnie, Brickmaker, Camlachie for sale.

09/11/1860 – Edinburgh Gazette – George MacFarlane, Accountant in Glasgow, Trustee on the sequestrated estate of Archibald Binnie, Brickmaker, Camlachie, Glasgow, hereby intimates, that his accounts with the said estate, till 25th ultimo, have been audited by the Commissioners, who postpone declaring a dividend till next stated period. George MacFarlane, Trustee. Glasgow, November 7, 1860.

12/06/1861 – Edinburgh Evening Courant – Scotch Bankrupts – Dividends – Creditors of Archibald Binnie, Brickmaker, Society Street, Glasgow will receive a dividend at the chambers of George McFarlane, accountant there, 26 July.

03/07/1863 – Glasgow Herald – A brickfield to let – At Porter Street, Camlachie, capable of working two tables and upwards. Machinery on the ground and clay for a million bricks raised, ready to commence making. Also, another brickfield adjoining, capable of working five tables (Entry at Candlemas, 1864), to which an additional acre of ground can be attached.  Offers to be sent, for one or both Fields, before 2nd August, to Mr Peter Young, 11 Miller Street, Glasgow; or the Proprietor, Mr William Guild, Broomhill, by Greenhill (Post Town, Denny).