Unmarked Dockra cement bricks

Found in the vicinity of Dockra Brick Works, Old Mill Quarry, Beith.

Dockra and subsequent take over Companies made concrete bricks.

The initial bricks were made with a frog and then then moved to frogless versions. The did a grey/’blue’ brick and a ‘red’ brick with a textured finish.

Apparently builders hated building with them as the bricks tended to ‘move’ on their cement base while building and you could only build a few courses at a time before having to allow them to set.


Below –

The 2 left bricks with the frogs are early Dockras and were made at the original Dockra Brick Works with a Sutcliffe Press.

The 2 right bricks are letter frogless versions and are the grey / blue and red examples with textured finishing. These were manufactured when Edenhall took over. They introduced a new press.



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