Stanislaw Sulich – Patented hollow brick

In ‘The British Clay Worker’ magazine dated 15/12/1952 there is an article entitled ‘Recent patents. An improvement hollow building brick or block. Stanislaw Sulich, 35 Grampian Road, Torry, Aberdeen. No 682,010’.

This invention relates to an improvement in or modification of the building brick or block claimed and described in Patent No 607,557. This invention is concerned with an improved hollow brick or block which can be used either as a facing brick or for plastering and which can be easily cut into quarters, halves or three-quarters of its length … The block or brick can be used for all types of walls; external, internal and partition walls and can be used together with granite, limestone, cement or artificial stone or can be united to plain or facing bricks … The block can be manufactured from clay, cement, limestone and from any other suitable materials …

Below – This article regarding the sale of military medals in the USA may refer to the same Stanislaw Sulich – “This is an outstanding grouping which came from one man from WW2. Came from an estate sale and is all his personal military items. His name was Lt. Col. Stanislaw Sulich. He was a military engineer he took part in the Polish Army September 1939 campaign, France campaign with Polish forces in France 1940 and with the British War front from 1940 to 1946. He was also interned in 1940 in Roumania. After the war ended he went to Scotland and on to the USA and lived in Michigan till his death this year. He was awarded many medals in the ward and after one the Polish government came back into power. Everything here was his and no part has been removed. Original framed medal as they were in his den at home. Also as you can see in the last photo some of his wife items….cape and hats. Many more paper items from the war I did not photo everything.As well as this medal document(most in photos) and two pair of ww2 pants…one riding type with Warsaw label and one long leg type. I do not read Polish and there is a lot of interesting information in his papers. Uniforms are in great condition and all original as you can see…one is when he was a Major and the other Lt. Col.

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