Teisen Krona Made in Sweden 6637 A

Found Carron Works, Falkirk.

Unidentified maker.

Did Teisen make the bricks or was it made for Teisen who among other products manufactured furnaces?

Teisen Furnaces of Kings Norton, Birmingham. C.E. Offices and Stores: Eckersall Road, King’s Norton, Birmingham. 30. T.A ., “Tete, Birmingham”. T.N., King’s Norton 2284/6 (3 lines). Continental Branch: Fours Teisen, Paris. Represented in Scandanavia, India nd South America. Established in 1923.
Contractor, patentee and designer of tank furnaces, pot furnaces, lehrs, pot arches and all other glassworks furnaces for firing with producer gas, town and coke oven gas or oil; recuperators, glassworks refractories and machinery; gas producers; oil burners, regulators and valves for furnaces; mixing plant; Teisen patent hexagonal recuperators; glassworks refractories and special cements; automatic batch feeders and all other glassworks plant; complete glassworks planned and built in all parts of the world.



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