Found in the Ayrshire / Lanarkshire area by John (Ian) Jones, Ayrshire.

Please note the small linear ‘lug’ to the right of the ‘C’. I believe this is yet another variation of code to denote a particular brickwork owned by SBC at the time.

Scottish Brick Corporation – Following nationalisation of the coal industry in 1947, the National Coal Board (NCB) inherited a number of brickworks. Around 1969,  saw the NCB selling off its brickworks with the Scottish Brick Corporation (SBC) taking over most of them, some 33 sites in Scotland. The SBC then started using its own stamp on the bricks it produced, usually the initials SBC. There are various designs of stamp that differ in letter, frog and marks and it is very possible that each site marked their bricks slightly differently in this way.

Below – Virtually the same stamp although the lug position is slightly different. This may, therefore, be an SBC product from as different works or the lug may have just been located slightly differently as it is a different mould.

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