Patent Wilson & Son Glasgow

Found in Renfrew on the site of the demolished Renfield Mansion.

William Wilson & Son, brickmaker and builder, Muirhouses Brickworks, Eglinton Street and Pollokshaw Road, Glasgow and Campbellfield Brick Tile and Pottery Works, Glasgow. (Note – SBH – I am uncertain which works this particular brick was manufactured at but it may have been Muirhouses).




Below  – The same mark but in red clay. Found by Bill Speirs in the Kilbarchan area.

Below – The same stamp on a bullnose version.

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Below – A very similar stamp and indeed it may be the same but the top and the bottom line of text appears slightly shorter than the middle line of text. Found by Michael Fallone in the Glasgow area.

Below – A similar stamp but the ‘N’ of ‘SON’ is missing and by the angled shape of the stamping plate this would appear to be deliberate. Found in Glasgow.


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