Cambuslang Brick and Tile Works, Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire

Cambuslang Brick and Tile Works, Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire (Note – SBH – I believe these were also known as Westburn Tileworks – can anyone confirm or otherwise?).

Below – 07/01/1850 – Glasgow Herald – Westburn Tileworks, Cambuslang for sale.

11/01/1850 – Glasgow Herald – Going brick and tile work to let. Entry at Candlemas. The Cambuslang Brick and Tile Work as possessed by Mr Wilson of Campbellfield, with buildings, machinery and fittings thereon. The quality of the clay is known to be excellent. The field is extensive and is near the Clydesdale Junction Railway. Thomas Cooper, Westburn House, will point out the premises and for further particulars apply to W.A. & J Graham, 42 George Square, Glasgow. January 1850.

07/02/1851 – Glasgow Herald – To be let for such number of years as may be agreed on with immediate entry. The Cambuslang Brick and Tile Work with a field of excellent clay, situated within five miles of Glasgow and close to the Caledonian Railway. Offers will be received by Andrew Brown, St. Thomas’ Croft, Renfrew. 13/02/1851.

Below – 1858 – Cambuslang Brick and Tile Works. The Works are not on the 1896 map.

25/04/1867 – Southern Reporter – Scotch Bankrupts – Alexander Dunn, sometime tenant, Westburn Tileworks, County of Lanark, presently tenant of North Esk Saw Mills, Dalkeith.

19/02/1877 – Glasgow Herald – Cambuslang. Brickwork to let on the Westburn Estate. The field is close to the railway and affords every facility for a large output and sale, which the class of brick will readily command. Offers will be received by Mr George Campbell, City Bank, Cambuslang or Graham, Johnston & Fleming, W.S, 66 Frederick Street, Edinburgh.

14/03/1878 – Greenock Advertiser – To let, Westburn Brickworks. Four miles from Glasgow. Apply R Alexander at the works or Gunion, Johnstone & Fleming, 60 Fredrick Street, Edinburgh.

18/03/1921 – West Lothian Courier – R Muirs and Coy’s new brickworks manager. On Friday last Mr Daniel Watson, who succeeds Mr Gillespie as brickworks manager with Messrs R Muir and Coy, Armadale commenced his studies. Mr Watson is a native of Cleland and figuratively speaking, may be said to have been born into the business. His father was in the same line and it is very interesting to note, was the first manager of the Etna Brickworks, then owned by Mr James Wood of Wallhouse and which are now owned by United Collieries Ltd. His uncle too, is in the same business and he, it is also noteworthy to state, was for a period, manager at Mr King’s Possil Brickwork, Glasgow. Mr Watson entered the brickworks at the early age of 12 years and while yet in his teens was appointed manager of Cambuslang Brickworks. From here he went as a manager to the Linwood Brick Manufacturing Company, Paisley and it is from Paisley that he comes to take over his Armadale managership. Just a little over 40, he looks the ideal manager, and his, very obviously, a great liking for and interest in the work which he has followed now for fully 30 years.


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