Nellfield Brick and Tile Works, Braidwood, South Lanarkshire

Nellfield Brick and Tile Works, Braidwood, Lanarkshire.


1854 – Invoice – Thomas Hamilton, tile manufacturer, Overton near Kirknewton. Works – Auchengray by Carnwath and Newbigging by Broxburn and Hallcraig by Carluke and Nellfield by Carluke. The reference to Overton, Kirknewton may be Mr Hamiltons residence and office? (Note – SBH – An 1853 invoice does not list Nellfield by Carluke but instead details Braidwood by Carluke which is confusing. Were the Braidwood Brick and Tile Works also known as the Nellfield Brick and Tile Works back in the 1850’s. I have added this entry here too just in case it is a early reference to the Nellfield Brick and Tile Works).

19/08/1893 – Motherwell Times – The action Hunt v. the Nellfield Brick and Tile Co., Braidwood, Carluke, and John Lawson, Motherwell, the only known partner, the Sheriff has decided in favour of the defenders. (The decision was confirmed following appeal 25/11/1893)

07/12/1895 – Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette – Opening of the Thomas Muir Memorial Hall, Paisley … The exterior stone is red from Dumfries and the exterior brick is from the Nellfield Terracotta Brick Company, Carluke.

Below – 1896 – Nellfield Brick and Tile Works.

1897 – 1898 – Nellfield Brick & Tile Co, Braidwood, Carluke.

1899 – 1900 – Nellfield Brick and Tile Co, Braidwood (J, Lawson, 57 Merry Street).

1901 – Directory of Clayworkers – Nellfield Brick and Tile Company, Braidwood, Carluke.

1901 – Directory of Clayworkers – J Thomson, Wellfield Terra Cotta Works, Braidwood, near Carluke. (Note – SBH – I believe Wellfield may be a typo for Nellfield).

1903 – Nellfield Brick & Tile Co. Brick & Tile Manufacturers, Blue Brick & Terra Cotta Works, Carluke.

James Thomson, manager, Nellfield Brick & Tile Co.

Below – 1910 – Nellfield Brick and Tile Works.

18/02/1910 – Bellshill Speaker – A venerable figure in the congregation – John Lawson celebrates his 76th birthday – He has 2 businesses in Motherwell, while he himself is the principal shareholder of the Nellfield Brick and Tile Co whose works are situated near Carluke.

Below – 08/03/1911 – The Scotsman – John Agnew’s Nellfield Brick and Tile Works, Braidwood, Carluke for sale.

21/11/1914 – Carluke and Lanark Gazette – The late Mr John Agnew – We regret to record the death of Mr John Agnew, which took place on Sunday morning last at ten minutes to five at Nellfield Lodge, Brentwood. Mr Agnew has been laid aside by illness for some weeks back, and his death was not unexpected to his family and relatives. He was 62 years of age and was a native of Cleland. At an early age, Mr Agnew showed managing abilities and when he was 21 years of age he was given charge of brickworks in Carluke parish. He afterwards acquired an interest in the brickworks at Cleland, which he carried on for several years. Later he became a partner in the Airdrie and Ravenshall Coal Coy. White connected with this company, Mr Agnew became acquainted with the valuable properties of the terra-cotta clay found at Nellfield (Braidwood) and Lee Estate (Lanark). He took a lease of the clay field on Lee Estate and for many years it was worked by the Scottish Terra-Cotta and Metallic Brick Coy Ltd, of which Mr Agnew was managing director. Later he became connected with the Nellfield Estates Coy., Ltd. The works of this Coy. are at Braidwood, and it was understood that the industry carried on was the preparation and manufacture of chemical manure, one of the ingredients used being leather parings. Mr Agnew was at one time connected with the carrying on of the Milton Brickwork and the Milton Pit, near Shieldhills. He was also connected with various other ventures. For a short term, he took an interest in public affairs, and was elected as a member of Carluke Parish Council, and sat as chairman in the Council. Of recent years his business ventures had led him into much litigation, which had a depressing effect on him. Some time ago he removed his residence from Carluke to the more secluded quiet of Nellfield Lodge, near Braidwood. The funeral which was a private one took place to Wilton Cemetery on Thursday afternoon. Much sympathy has been expressed for Mrs Agnew and the family in their great loss.

Below – 2015 – Study into the historical development of the Clyde and Avon Landscapes.

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