Lennoxlove Brickworks, Haddington, East Lothian

The article below outline bricks for sale at Lennoxlove, Haddington. It does not refer to a brick and tile work but because of the quantity of bricks for sale, it can certainly be inferred that they were made on-site or nearby.

01/03/1784 – Caledonian Mercury – To be sold at Lennoxlove, near Haddington, together or in parcels of two or more cartloads, a large quantity of bricks, to the amount of about a hundred thousand, well burnt, and fit for immediate use.  As the bricks will be sold below the current price, no credit will be given, unless the whole or greatest part is purchased by one hand.  And, on the 9th day of March 1784, at ten o’clock forenoon, there will be let by public roup, at Lennoxlove aforesaid, for the ensuing seasons to Christmas next.  The whole grass inclosures of Lennoxlove, all properly fenced, well-watered, and in good heart; and also the Haughs without the parks.  For further particulars, an application may be made to Robert Douglas overseer at Lennoxlove, who will show the bricks and grounds.

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