Low Cocklaw Brick and Tile Works, Berwick upon Tweed, England

Low Cocklaw Brick and Tile Works are 100 yards on the English side of the border situated near Edrington Castle Farm in Scotland.  (Note – SBH – I am referencing this tileworks as the claypit is right on the Scottish Border and they would have undoubtedly had Scottish customers).

Interestingly the ScotlandPlaces website and the Ordnance Survey Name Book lists these brick and tile works as being located in Berwickshire, Scotland. This is apparently due to a recording anomaly for that particular area.

c. 1762 – Cocklaw Brick and Tile Works established by John Forster ( See below).

Below – 1799 – Fuller’s directory –  John Forster established a brick and tile works at Cocklaw c. 1762.

(Note – SBH – Many thanks to Elfie Waren for passing on this information).

1856 – 1858 – ScotlandPlaces – A small brick & tile works, the property of Mr William Landreth, Low Cocklaw.

Below – 1857 – Low Cocklaw Brick and Tile Works.

09/09/1870 – Illustrated Berwick Journal – A special meeting of the Town Council was held on Tuesday to consider an application from the Local Board of Health to take clay from the Corporations lands to form the proposed new storage reservoir &c … the town clerk stated that the Corporation reserved the right to all the minerals on their land, except in the case of Low Cocklaw, where Mr Landreth was entitled to all the clay for the purpose of making bricks and tiles. The mayor moved that the application be granted and that liberty be given to Mr Landreth to sell the clay on his farm …

06/05/1921 – The Berwick Advertiser – Berwick upon Tweed Corporation. Notice of intended sale of corporate lands … Cocklaw Tileworks and land – 20 acres …


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