Lassodie Brickworks, Braehead, Fife

As you can see I have very little information on the Lassodie Brickworks. If anyone can add ANY information to this post then please get in touch. Bonus points awarded for anyone that comes up with a relevant brickmark – apart from Blairadam which was the works on the opposite side of the road.

Lassodie Brickworks, Fife


Feb 1963 – Lassodie Brickworks – Ernest  Abram (Brickworks) Ltd. is a new company to sponsor the construction of a kiln in Fife, to produce high quality facings etc from the high quality clay available.  30,000 per day, floor area 24000 ft2.

Below – 24/11/1971 – The Glasgow Herald – Abram found not guilty of embezzlement.

abram embezzlement lassodie

06/11/1973 – Edinburgh Gazette – Change of name – Fife Brick Company Limited (formerly Ernest Abram (Brickworks) Limited.

30/11/1973 – Birmingham Daily Post –  Pope and Pearson .—After proposed acquisitions from Coltness group of Coltness Brickworks and Ernest Abram (Brickworks), profit for enlarged group for 17 months ending 31/12/73, of £240,000 including acquisitions for 6 months is forecast. Annualised profits would be £280,000. Final of 1.16666 p net making a total equal to 2.45416 p gross for 17 months forecast, but in a normal financial year and assuming profits of £280,000 dividends of 2.8 p net equal to 4p gross forecast.

Below – Site of the Lassodie Brickworks

Site of the Lassodie Brickworks


Below  – Letter head for Earnest Abram (Brickworks Ltd) Braehead, Lassodie, Dunfermline.

Ernest Abram Brickworks Ltd Lassodie

Ernest Abram – Managing Director

Mrs W Abram – Secretary

Edward  C Abram

Ernest Abram Brickworks Ltd Lssodie


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