John Nelson – Scotland to Otago, New Zealand

John Nelson was a Scot who operated the brickworks at Benhar, Otago, New Zealand.

In 1864, Nelson opened the Benhar Coal Company.

He produced brick etc on the site from 1876 until 1892 – 1893 when the business was sold to Peter McSkimming, a fellow Scot.

Peter McSkimming and his son Peter McNish McSkimming, worked for John Nelson at his recently established pipeworks at Benhar, then produced clay pipes on a contract basis. They subsequently leased the Benhar pipe factory from John Nelson with the £150–£200 they had between them. Assisted by a loan from a friend, they eventually bought out the business completely in 1892 or 1893 and established it as P. McSkimming and Son. The factory included coal-pits, pipe-works and brickworks, and eventually a clay pit.

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