Herbertshire Brick Works, 16 Sutherland Drive, Denny

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Source Falkirk Museum and Archives.

Herbertshire Brick Works, 16 Sutherland Drive, Denny

Established prior to 1922.

The Herbertshire works changed hands several times, Callendar Coal Company which later became the Callendar Brick and Fireclay Company and Cannerton Brick Works being previous owners.

In 1968 The Millstone Grit and Fireclay Company bought the Works. The latter consisted of James McCaig Senior and James McCaig Junior and Mr James Pitman.

The site had a Mitchell plastic brick making machine. 1 Hoffman circular kiln which was converted to a Belgian Kiln with a firing temp of 1300c. It had 18 chambers. It also at one stage had a tunnel kiln with 90 cars and a firing temp of 1350c.

The works made common bricks made from pit blaes obtained from the Herbertshire Colliery. Fireclay was obtained from Slamannan.

The works were connected to 3 mines but most material was obtained from Theap Rig Colliery.

The Company originally had a siding off Greenhill but this stopped in the 1960’s.

The Company had 1 lorry and hired lorries from Walker Brothers, Cowdenbeath.

They exported to Sweden, Germany and the Philippines.

When Millstone Grit and Fireclay Company took over in 1968 there were 28 employees consisting of 3 setters, 4 trimmers, 1 hand moulder, 1 engineer, 1 brick layer and 1 electrician.

The works originally produced castables, common bricks, high alumina refractories, mouldables, pipes and tiles and when Millstone Grit and Fireclay Company took over they produced Cuppilla   (Crown), Cups, Firebricks, Pups (soaps), Scones (splits), side arches, squares, wedges and whelps.

Below – OS Map published in 1922 – Herbertshire Brickworks, Denny

Below - OS Map 1913 - Herbertshire Brickworks, Denny


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