Garscube Brickworks, Great Western Road, Glasgow.

Garscube Brickworks, Great Western Road, Glasgow.

Alternative brickworks include:

  • Dawsholm Brickworks, Maryhill, Glasgow.
  • Garscube Brick & Tile Works, (Mark Hurll’s Works), Glasgow.

Below – 1859 – Garscube Brick and Tile Works. (Marked as ‘kiln’ below the Garscube Iron Works title).

03/06/1893 – Glasgow Herald – Joint-stock company registered in Edinburgh last week – The Garscube Brick Company Limited, established with a capital of £10,000 divided into 9900 preference shares of £1 each and 100 ordinary shares of £1 each, to take over the lease of certain ground and blae heaps at Dawsholme Renfrewshire and carry on the business of brick manufacturers etc. The registered office is situated at No 82 Gordon Street, Glasgow.

Below – 18/10/1893 – Glasgow Herald – Mark Hurll is sued following an accident at Garscube Brickwork.

Below – 1894 – Garscube Brick and Tile Works.

1896 – 1897 – Garscube Brick Co Ltd – 16 Bothwell Road, Glasgow

11/01/1896 – Glasgow Herald – Youth (smart) wanted as despatch and time clerk – Apply Garscube Brickworks, Near Temple, Great Western Road.

Below – 02/03/1896 – Glasgow Herald – Bricks stolen from Garscube Brick Company Limited, Dawsholm. Alex Patrick, Secy, 16 Bothwell Street, Glasgow.


1899 – 1900 – Norman Douglas, Garscube Brick Company Ltd, House 5 Bellahouston Terrace, Glasgow. (Note – SBH – I am uncertain if this company is connected to the brickworks. Detailed here to ensure it is recorded).

1899 – 1900 – Peter and Mark Hurll manufacturers of composition bricks, red, white and blue facing bricks, sewerage pipes, chimney cans, &c, Garscube and Knightwood Works by Maryhill. Depot St Rollox. Office 144 West Regent Street. Telephone no 147. Telegram ‘Hurll’ Glasgow.

Jan 1907 – Invoice – Peter and Mark Hurll, Gartliston and Garnqueen Fire Clay Works, Glenboig and Garscube and Knighstwood Brick and Sanitary Pipe Works near Maryhill. Office 144 West Regent Street, Glasgow.

Below – 1911 – Garscube Brick and Pipe Works. and they appear to be gone by 1933 – 1935.

c. 1930 – Kenneth Sanderson states in his book The Scottish Refractory Industry 1830 – 1980 – “Hurll owned building brickworks and associated clay pits at Garscube, Maryhill, Knightswood, Yoker and Garscadden, all in the Glasgow area. Garscube made sewage pipes on an early Pullen and Mann machine, using fireclays sent from Glenboig. The British Clayworker Magazine of November 1984 reported the discovery of a blue Staffordshire type of clay in the Carluke area, Lanarkshire, which was also used at Garscube for a period. The Garscube and Knightswood Works had closed by the early 1930s but the Garscadden Works continued until 1948 when it was leased to Keir and Cawder”

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