Luke and Co, Preston Pans, East Lothian

(Note – SBH – I am not convinced that Luke & Co actually manufactured the fire bricks as a business. There is a good chance that the bricks were manufactured at the Preston Grange brick and tile works and the Luke and Co company name added to the brick as the purchasing customer for onward selling. Francis Luke was also the manager and secretary of the Preston Coal and Fire Brick Co Ltd)

F R & C H Luke & Co, Slate Quarry owners & general factors for building materials Head Office, 122 George Street, Edinburgh.

Below – 1893 – Prestongrange Coal & Fire Brick Co Ltd, Prestonpans. Manager and secretary Francis R Luke.

07/11/1894 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – To builders, bricklayers and contractors. For sale, a large quantity of finest white enamelled bricks. For prices and particulars apply to Luke and Co, Prestonpans, Nr Edinburgh.

1896 – Luke and Co (Successors to Francis R Luke) factors for Portland cement, sanitary pipes, bricks, vent linings, cans and builders materials of all kinds. Preston Pans. RSO Haddingtonshire. Tel address Luke Prestonpans.

1897 – Luke & Co, Fire Brick Manufacturers, Preston Pans.

Below – 1899 – Advert Luke & Co. Agents for P and M Hurll’s Garscube ‘Hydraulic’ Fireclay.

  1. R. & C. H. LUKE & Co.,

Slate Quarry Owners & General Factors for Building Materials,

Head Offices: 122, George Street, Edinburgh.


7 Trinity Street, Aberdeen.

8 Dock Place, Leith.

Cromwell Guard Room Warehouse, Citadel, Leith.

2 India Buildings, Dundee.

Ballast Quay, Berwick on Tweed.

Charlestown Harbour (Fife).

Glasgow Slate Depot. (General Terminus).

Manager, Glasgow office, Mr John Kelly, late agent for the Ballachulish Slate Quarries.

Edinburgh TA – Goliath, Edinburgh.

Glasgow TA – Lukes, Glasgow.

Aberdeen TA – Gamma, Aberdeen.

Dundee TA – Luke, India Buildings, Dundee.

Sole consignees in Scotland for Temple Rogers & Co., enamelled slate and marble chimney pieces, slabs etc.

Sole agents in Scotland for Peter Wood Limited, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, blue bricks.

Sole agents in the East and South 0f Scotland for P, & M, Hurll’s “Garscube Hydraulic” fireclay, spiggot and faucet pipes, specially yellow glazed, and Carmyllic Pavement Quarries, Arbroath, est 1861.

Agents for Coltness Iron Co’s enamelled sanitary goods and bricks.

Sole agents for Newmans pressed fire bricks and Hermand red facing bricks.

Sole agents in the East and South of Scotland for the Cleghorn Terracotta Co, Ltd., bricks, tiles etc.

Sole agents in Scotland and the North of Ireland for Mathews bright red and unfading green slates and sole importers of “Arfon” unfading blue slates in Scotland.

Sole agents in Scotland for “Goliath” brand London portland cement and importers of Gibbs & Co’s, Peters Bros and other standard brands of best London cement.

Wholesale agents for Charlestown hydraulic lime.

Sole agents in East of Scotland for “Glenarm” white Irish lime shells.

Sole agents in Scotland for the Malkin Tile Works Co., Burslem, manufacturers of encaustic mosaic and glazed tiles for all purposes.  Contractors to Her Majesty’s Government.


Chimney pieces – Genuinely polished marble & durable enamelled slate.


Slate Department: Billiard beds, urinals, shelves, lavatories, brewers tanks.

Marble  Department: Counters, window fittings, lavatories, staircases, coil case, tops

all polish on marble is guaranteed to be genuine and free from the use of acids.

Sole retail agents in Scotland for Purimachos fire-resisting cement (Manufactured only by the Bristol Purimachos Works, Bristol) for building and repairing all structures, exposed to heat, such as Stoves, Ranges, bakers ovens, retorts, furnaces.

Sole agents in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Perth and surrounding territory for the British Luxfer Prism Syndicate Ltd, manufacturers of daylight distributing and fire resisting window glass, lucical engineering, luxfer prisms and electric glazing

Below – 06/04/1903 – Goods held by the Trust Estate of F R & C H Luke & Co for sale.


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