Luke and Co, Preston Pans, East Lothian

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I am still not convinced that Luke & Co actually manufactured the fire bricks as a business. There is a chance that the bricks were manufactured at the Preston Grange brick and tile works and the Luke and Co company name added to the brick as the purchasing customer for onward selling.

F R & C H Luke & Co, Slate Quarry owners & general factors for building materials Head Office – 122 George Street, Edinburgh

1893 – Prestongrange Coal & Fire Brick Co Ltd, Prestonpans – Manager and Secretary Francis R Luke

1893 Prestongrange fire brick francis luke

1896 – Luke and Co (Successors to Francis R Luke) factors for Portland cement, sanitary pipes, bricks, vent linings, cans and builders materials of all kinds. Preston pans. RSO Haddingtonshire. Tel address Luke Prestonpans

1897 – Luke & Co, Fire Brick Manufacturers, Preston Pans

Below – 1899 advert Luke & Co

1899 advert Luke & Co

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