Garscube Glasgow

Found in Fife area – JC

There were two brickworks which used the title Garscube, namely the Garscube Brick and Tile Works, Netherton, Glasgow which was operated by Mark Hurll and the Garscube Brickworks, Dawsholm, Glasgow operated by the Garscube Brick Company. It is not certain which works stamped their bricks Garscube ( It is assumed they both did not use the Garscube stamp). Certainly, there are bricks to be found stamped ‘Mark Hurll’ so that may indicate that Garscube Brickworks bricks were stamped ‘Garscube’ or ‘Garscube Glasgow’. However, a brick stamped ‘Garscube’ was found at the Garnqueen Fireclay Works, Glanboig which was also operated by Hurll. So does this mean bricks stamped ‘Garscube’ were manufactured by Hurll at the Garscube Brick and Tile Works and bricks stamped ‘Garscube Glasgow’ were manufactured at the Garscube Brickworks! – Confusing – for clarification!



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