Carnbroe Fire Brick Works, Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire

01/08/1885 – Lanarkshire Upper Ward Examiner – Carnbroe. Alarming gig accident at Brewsterford – On Monday night, Mr Robert Fleming, brick manufacturer, residing at Sweethill Farm, Carnbroe, was returning to that place in a gig, along with his coachman, John Watson. When passing Calder Iron Works the horse shied at the whistle of a train which was shunting waggons close by, and the animal at once bolted furiously along the road. Mr Fleming, who was driving at the time, made an effort to pull up the animal at the bridge over the Calder at Brewsterford, but the horse ran the gig against the bridge and precipitated both its occupants over the parapet, a height from the bank on which they alighted of 15 feet. They remained unconscious for some time, and were taken into Mr Lindsay’s house adjoining, and attended by Dr Farquharson. Watson appears to have received the severest shock. Mr Fleming, having been able to walk home. Neither, however, sustained broken bones, and both are now recovering.

29/08/1885 – Greenock Telegraph – A clay mixer at Carnbroe Brickworks got his leg caught in the revolving knives and had it nearly wrenched off. He died from the injuries.

Below – 1889 – Robert Fleming and Co. Atlas Fire Brick Works, Calder and Carnbroe Brickworks.

31/03/1890 – Glasgow Herald – Deaths. At Calder Cottage, Coatbridge on the 28th inst, after a long and painful illness aged 43 (possibly48?) years, Robert Fleming, brick manufacturer, much loved and deeply regretted.

Below – 1897 – Carnbroe Iron Works which is the likely location of the Carnbroe Fire Brick Works. (The brickworks to the top left of the map are the Garturk Brickworks which was formerly owned by the Carnbroe Iron Works so they may be the source of Carnbroe fire bricks).

1890 -91  – Atlas Fireclay Co. Manufacturers of furnace blocks and fireclay bricks. Office Calder by Coatbridge. Works Calder, Carnbroe and Bathville.

Below – 1893 – Advert  – Robert Fleming Atlas Fire Brick Works – Calder and Carnbroe Brickworks.














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