Bonawe Quarry and Brickworks, Nr Oban, Argyll.

Many thanks to Donald Harrison for this brick example and for bringing it to my attention.

Bonawe Quarry is a granite quarry and sits at the foot of Loch Etive in Argyll.

This brick is believed to be made from a mixture of cement and granite dust and debris. The brickworks were apparently situated within the quarry and may have gone out of production around 1959.

These bricks were very unpopular with bricklayers, particularly in wet weather as they were prone to ‘slipping’ about on their cement beds.

“Bonawe quarry changed hands in the recent past but the company that owned it for many years was Gardiners who also owned ships St Kentigern, St Oran etc.  Gardiners was owned by the Struthers family who still live in the area. When the brothers retired and the outfit was sold Breedon eventually took over the civil engineering part of the operation”

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