Unmarked SULB brick

Found at the Stein Manuel Works, Whitecross.

Ron Toothill identifies this as a SULB brick. He states  – SULB brick “Semi Universal Ladle Brick” These would only be used on the working lining only and designed to speed up the bricking of steel ladles. They would be placed end to end on to two specially designed refractory ramps. Two brick layers would work at 180 deg to each other in the ladle. Because they were radiused, a large number of ever increasing diameters could be met. Once brick nearly to the at the top of the ladle either a closing refractory brick ramp was used or simply finished off using a refractory concrete to close the ladle top. Steel ladles are good business for refractory manufacturers because they only have short working lives and need replacing often.  We would manufacture the high alumina SULB’s  at GR Stein Manuel works, both as a 76mm thick brick for the American market and also a 100 mm thick SULB for the rest of the world. Possibly a Stein 45 for the European market because of the 100mm depth.


Below –

It measures 20.7 cm long at top of curve.
18.7cm long at bottom of curve
15 cm wide
10cm deep


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