Trafford Bank Brickworks, Cupar Muir, Fife

This may be the same site as Brighton Brickworks, Cupar as per the 1865 reference below.

Below – 01/02/1865 – The Scotsman -Clayfield next to  Brighton Brick and Tile Works for sale.

Desirable small estate and clayfield for sale to be sold by public roup, in the Royal Hotel, Cupar-Fife, on Tuesday, 21st February 1865 at two o’clock afternoon. The property of Trafford Bank,
formerly called “Barnbaugh” situated about half-a-mile to the West of Cupar, on the sloping bank south of the road to Cupar Muir, and the mansion house of Ferrybank. The lands extend to 45 acres imperial of thereby, about 11 acres of which are let for agricultural purposes to Mr Andrew Carstairs till Martinmas next.  The rest of the property forms the well known Brick and Tile Work of Brighton, which is let to Messrs Mitchell & Duncan till Martinmas 1866. It has been ascertained that the Property contains a large supply of excellent clay, available in connection with the present brickwork buildings, for another Lease of 10 Years duration.

Below – 19/03/1892 – St Andrews Citizen –  Trafford Bank Brickworks, Cupar Muir for sale.

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