Cupar Muir Tile Works, Cupar, Fife

Below – 25/04/1867 – Fife Herald – New brick and tile works. James Mill Manager of Brighton brick and tile works for Messers Mitchell and Duncan  during the last 14 years, begs to announce to his Friends and the Public generally, that he had secured a Lease of the Field of Clay immediately to the West of that occupied by the late Firm, where he intends carrying on Business on his own account, and trusts by his usual attention to Business, and supplying a First-class Article at a Moderate Price, to be favoured with a share of Public patronage. Brick and Tile Works, Cupar-Muir, April 1867.


03/09/1868 – Fife Herald  – Bricks, tiles, drains and ditch pipes. James Mill begs to thank his friends and the Public generally for their kind support since he commenced Business, and to intimate that he is now in a  position to supply large or small orders for Drain or Ditch Pipes, Common Bricks, Pavement Bricks, Roofing Tiles, &c ; and anything not generally kept in stock made to order on the shortest notice.  The goods are all manufactured under his own personal superintendence.  The quantity of the Goods of his manufacture require no commendation to those who have already used them, and those who have not need only to give them a trial.  Fire Bricks ; Sewerage Pipes ; Common Red Clay, Chimney Cans, and Fire Clay Cans, plain and ornamental, also kept in stock ; and any article of Fire Clay manufacture supplied. All orders punctually attended to. Cupar Muir Tile Works,Cupar.

26/02/1874 – Fife Herald – Drain Pipes etc – Bricks , drain and ditch pipes from 1 1/2″ to 12″ diameter can be supplied by J.Mill, Cupar Muir brick and tile works, Cupar, Fife

1878 – Jas Mill, Cupar Muir Tile Works, Cupar, Fife (note Tile Works only?)

11/03/1885  – Fife Herald – Brickmakers – wanted. A brickmaker. Apply J.Mill, Cupar- Muir Brick and Tile Works, Cupar Fife.

1886 – James Mill, Brick and Tile Maker, Cupar Muir Tile Works, Cupar, Fife ( Page 543)

1893 – 1896 – Cupar Muir Tileworks. J Mill Brick and Tile Manufacturer.

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