Shettleston Colliery Brickworks, Shettleston, Glasgow

(Note – SBH – The advert below dated 1928 infers there was a brickworks at the Mount Vernon Collieries Shettleston pits (1 and 2). It is confusing as there is also reference to the Mount Vernon Colliery itself).

Mount Vernon Colliery Brickworks, Shettleston, Glasgow.

Mount Vernon Colliery Company Limited, coal masters, Wellington Street, Glasgow.

12/12/1925 – Coatbridge Leader – The Buchanans of Drumpellier … George Buchanan purchased the Mount Vernon estate in 1757 and died in 1762. The reason he called his new estate Mount Vernon was to commemorate his lifelong friendship with George Washington, the hero of the independence struggle …


23/03/1912 – Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser – Sales by auction. On an early day – At Cranhill, Shettleston Colliery and Brickwork plant etc.

28/07/1917 – Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser – An accident between a motor car and a motorcycle with a sidecar … Reference to Mr Robert Dewar, brick manufacturer, Brisbane, Mount Vernon being involved … (Note – SBH – I am unsure if this is references Mr Dewars home address or a site of brick manufacture. I have recorded the reference here meantime while clarification is sought).

18/11/1922 – Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser – Sales by auction. On an early day – At Nos 1 and 2 Shettleston Collieries, Shettleston and Mount Vernon Colliery, Mount Vernon, colliery plant etc.

Below – 03/11/1923 – The Scotsman – Mount Vernon Colliery and Brickworks for sale. Shettleston Colliery.


21/07/1928 – Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser – Mount Vernon Colliery Company Limited, coalmasters, Wellington Street, Glasgow.

Below – 02/03/1931 – The Scotsman – The Mount Vernon Colliery Co Ltd (In liquidation) – For sale. The following pits and brickworks belonging to the Company including Cadder Brickworks, Bishopbriggs and Barrachnie Brickworks, Baillieston and Broomhouse brickworks … (Note – SBH – I have recorded this elsewhere but also here just for information).


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