Found by Magnus near Aberfeldy, Fife.

This example is not in my possession.

Unidentified brickworks.

The find location would suggest Scottish origins but …

There is a good likelihood that this brick was manufactured in Scotland for Mr George Hislop, gas manager, Paisley. Mr Hislop was well respected and renowned in his field. He took out a number of patents in his line of work and was a member of many groups, including the Society of Chemical Industry and the Royal Scottish Society of Arts. He was also a three-time president of the Association of Gas Managers. So this may be yet another example of a Scottish fire brick manufacturer manufacturing fire bricks for a customer and stamping their name on the bricks supplied. Click me.

The find location of this brick was 1 ½ miles from the old Aberfeldy, Fife gas works. In 1907 Hislop’s patent retort setting was utilised at the gas works so it is entirely possible that if he did purchase fire bricks stamped in his own name then he would have used them at Aberfeldy.

Below – 08/05/1907 – Perthshire Advertiser.


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