Found by Ian Suddaby adjacent to the Wallhouse Brick and Tile Works.

This example is not in my possession.

The manufacturer is unknown but it may have been manufactured on site.

Wallhouse Brick and Tile Works, Torphichen, West Lothian.

Ian states – This brick was found in the Brunton Burn just to the north of the works and might have been made at either of them. One side says PATENT and the other has a blank panel where the brickworks name should be, unfortunately, this one is blank. It’s recorded on the Scottish Brick History website that a Patented brickmaking (mixing) machine was in use at Avoncrook and one might have been used at Wallhouse too. This will be the origin of ‘Patent’ as the bricks themselves weren’t patented. No finds from either brick & tile works have been found before.


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