Northfield Brick and Tyle Work, Prestonpans, East Lothian

16/07/1766 – Caledonian Mercury – At Prestonpans Tyle Work belonging to John Nisbet of Northfield and to be sold for ready money. Best pan-tyles at 38s the thousand. Second sort (equal to the first in some works) at 27s the thousand. Every cart loading here shall have the toll they pay at Ravenshaugh Burn repaid. NB. To prevent mistakes, it is to be observed, there is a new tyle-work at the end of Musselburgh Links, erected by William Nisbet, Mason. The durableness of the styles here is well known upwards of fifty years past.

21/12/1768 – Caledonian Mercury – Tyle Work in Prestonpans to let. For three to seven years, as may be agreed on. There is a park of ten acres adjoining from whence the clay is dug, to be let with the work. Any person inclining to offer may apply to the proprietor, John Nisbet of Northfield, at his house in Edinburgh, head of Liberton’s Wynd, Lawnmarket. NB. There is a new tyle work not far from Musselburgh, belonging to William Nisbet, mason there, which some call New Prestonpans. This is only to prevent mistakes, as the one has been taken for the other, because of the name. This advertisement is not to be repeated.

11/05/1771 – Caledonian Mercury –  To be sold by public roup … The lands of the Estate of Northfield, lying in the parish of Prestonpans, Haddington, Edinburgh … All lately belonging to the deceased John Nisbet of Northfield, Merchant in Edinburgh … There is also upon the lands a brick and tyle work in complete repair, which has been carried on to a considerable extent for a number of years and is under lease to a good tenant …


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