Muiredge Brickworks, Buckhaven, Fife


11/02/1875 – Dundee Courier – Brickmaking by machinery at Muiredge is very busy, throwing off 960 per hour and even at that rate they are not able to supply the demand.

Below – 21/04/1875 – Dundee Courier – Strike – wage reduction threat.

15/06/1876 – Dundee Courier – The extensive brick work at Muirdege is at present very busy, employing a good number of men.

1886 – Bowman and Co,  Muiredge Brickworks, Buckhaven, Wemyss.

23/04/1887 – Fife Free Press –  Extensive additions are being made at Messrs Bowman and Co’s brickwork at Muiredge.

19/08/1890 – Dundee Advertiser  – The accident to the sisters Alice and Ann Kinnear at the brickwork at Muiredge, Wemyss, has had a very sad result. Their rights hands were so terribly injured that both have had to be amputated.

14/05/1892 – St Andrews Citizen – Presentation – Alexander Peaston, brickmaker, on the occasion of his leaving Muiredge Brick and Tile Works was presented with a meerschaum pipe and tobacco pouch by the female workers as an expression of the estimation in which he was held. Miss Glover and Miss Linton made the presentation.

Below – 1893 – Muiredge Brickworks, Buckhaven, Fife. (By 1913 the brickworks are not recorded although Muiredge Colliery is still in situ.)

18/05/1895 – Fife Free Press – Following complaints of theft and house breakings  around Buckhaven , Police raided the Muiredge Brickworks where the culprits were believed to be sleeping at night. 150 tramps and labourers were found on site !

07/05/1898 – Fife Free Press – Buckhaven Burgh Court – At a diet of this Court held on Tuesday, a batch of tramps, numbering 19 , including a woman were charged with sleeping at the Methil and Muiredge brickworks and were sent to prison for terms of 14 to 21 days each.

19/01/1905 – Edinburgh Evening News – …..a new dock is to be formed at Buckhaven, a greater depth of water being got than at Methil. Minor schemes are the new cement and brick works at Methil and Muiredge.

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