J & J Dyson Limited and AP Green collaboration.

The following information is sourced from a publication entitled “Casting pit refractories and special fireclay shapes”  J & J Dyson Limited. Printed c. 1960.

In this catalogue monolithic materials, plastics and cements, produced by AP Green, are detailed. It is not known what the connection was between the two companies.

Dyson Refractories, 482 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield. S9 3QP, UK.

AP Green was a huge American company manufacturing all kinds of fireclay products. In 1970 the Douglas Firebrick Works, Dalry, Ayrshire were taken over by AP Green.

Dyson Refractories operated out of England. In 1962 they bought out James Dougall & Sons Ltd, Bonnyside Brickworks, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire.


SAIRSET – The universal factory cement gives added life and protection to your firebrick linings.  Non-shrinking “Sairset” is economical- 350-400 pounds laying up to 1,000 bricks-and it comes on the job ready-mixed to trowelling consistency, in airtight containers.  Fusion Point 1770 C.

KAST0-O-LITE – A lightweight castable refractory, combining insulating properties with lightweight and strength in one dependable, easy-to-use refractory.  It is used in furnace linings to prevent heat loss.  Kast-O-Lite will withstand direct exposure to flame and furnace gases up to 1360 C.

ATMOSET – An air-setting high-temperature plastic silica cement especially adapted for boiler settings.  Acid resisting Atmoset which air-sets at any temperature above freezing point will be found to increase and prolong the life of the refractory with which it is used.  Fusion Point 1710 C.

S.K.7 – An insulating castable recommended for service temperatures to 1000 C  It weighs only 55 pounds per cubic foot in place, resulting in low construction costs, low thermal conductivity and high operating efficiency of the unit.

SUPER-PLASTIC – A highly refractory plastic firebrick-superior in spalling resistance and load-bearing strengths.  It gives excellent service in complete monolithic linings for boiler settings and industrial furnaces, Burner openings, door arches, piers, sprung arches and suspended arches are easily constructed.

K.S.4 – A refractory castable is recommended for service temperatures to 1380 C.  It is a strong castable weighing 121 pounds per cubic foot in place, combining high strength and good erosion resistance.  Splendid for withstanding the erosion by the catalyst in catalytic cracking units.

QUIK-PACH – A high duty refractory in plastic form.  It combines the refractoriness low shrinkage and hot load-bearing strength of high-duty brick with increased spalling resistance.  Typical applications include boiler furnaces of all types, forging furnaces ladles, incinerators and dutch ovens.  Temperature equivalent 1730 C.

KAST-SET – A high-quality castable refractory packed dry for on-the-job mixing.  When mixed with water, it sets up hard like ordinary concrete.  It is quick-setting and can be put into service within six to twenty-four hours after pouring, depending on the service conditions.  Working temperature 1350 C.

Other materials available for steelworks:-

DYSON ALUMINOUS STEEL WORKS LADLE COMPOSITION for moulding, ramming and patching of all sizes of steel melting ladles, ingot, mould feeder heads, ladle spouts, high-frequency furnace tops, setting of nozzles, runners, and for general use.

DYSON SILICEOUS JOINTING gives the highest resistance in ladle brick bonding, thus making the weakest parts of the ladle into secure steel resistant joints.  For bonding of arc furnace silica roofs, ladle bottom patchings, general repairs, etc.

DYSON GROUND GANISTER for general purpose work in steel plants.

DYSON LADLE SHANK LINING where clean special alloy steels are poured in accurate but smaller quantities.

HIGH-FREQUENCY ACID LINING, chemically bonded, of correct purity and grading to give maximum life for ingot and shank pouring.  Supplied in bags.

DYSON SILICEOUS AND ALUMINOUS “MONOGRAM” for the ramming of steel ladles to give maximum densities. For converter noses and linings.

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