DLP – Standard firebricks are manufactured at D. Duddell Ltd, Oldfield Works, Fenton, Stoke – on – Trent, a member of our group of Companies.
Unlike the 3 plants at Stannington where no standard shapes are manufactured, the works at Fenton is devoted entirely to the production of standard firebrick sizes and therefore lends itself admirably to automatic processes and large production.
The brickmaking machines automatically double repress all bricks produced.
The main output of the works is ladle bricks of 2 qualities. The DLP is a low Porosity Ladle Brick whose sale is rapidly increasing. The DD quality brick is also widely used in lining ladles and has an excellent reputation as a checker brick and a general-purpose firebrick.
The DLP Ladle Brick has been recommended to and put on trial by many steel plants where it has proved very successful. Its great feature is its consistency and it maintains its position with those firms who keep a regular check on ladle brick lives. It has been responsible for a significant increase in ladle life on all types of steel and the measure of its success is its growing popularity and increasing use.
The DD Ladle Brick is extensively used on all types of steel. It is not a low porosity brick but the number of casts obtained from ladles using it has established its reputation as a steel ladle brick. The DD brick is also widely used for lining hot-metal ladles and it is particularly suitable for this purpose.
Special shaped checker bricks in DD quality are shown on page 44. Standard 3” and 2 ½” squares are used as checkers by other customers.
As a general-purpose firebrick the DD has many applications. It is double repressed, of excellent shape and is true to size. It is used in soaking pits, checker walls, flues, chimneys, gas retorts. Kiln building and for the gas industry.
Practically the whole of the large output at our Fenton works is palletised. The works are rail connected and road haulage is also used to a great extent. Quick deliveries can usually be made to all parts of the country.

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