Gartcraig bricks found at Lake Dumont, Quebec

Found by Karen Prytula – Quebec, Canada.

Karen states:- The forest is near Lake Dumont, Quebec. This area was worked by lumbermen anytime between 1840 and early 1900s. Close to the pile of bricks were the remnants of a big furnace. We are not sure what the furnace was for. We think it was for steam to run a sawmill.

Scotland Gartcraig and Gartcraig Scotland Gaskil.

Gartcraig Fire Clay Works, By Millerston, Glasgow


 Gartcraig Scotland (640x480)

Below – Note ‘Gaskil’ appears to be off centre to the ‘Gartcraig Scotland’ text.

Gartcraig Scotland Gaskil (640x480)

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