Colephington Brick and Tile Works, Anstruther, Fife

Colephington Brick and Tile Works, Anstruther may well be the same site as Clephanton Brick and Tile Works, Anstruther.

21/01/1881 – East of Fife Record – Andrew Taylor, labourer sued James Skinner, merchant, Cellardyke, for wages.

The defender took objections to the manner in which he was styled, stating that the summons should have described him as a brick and tile manufacturer, Clephanton, which was fully a mile front Anstruther.

The Sheriff – Never mind how you are styled. You are present. What is your defence?

Mr Skinner – The defence is that he quitted my employment without giving any notice.

The Sheriff – How was he employed?

Mr Skinner – He was a day labourer.

The Sheriff – A day labourer does not require to give any notice. He can walk off any day he likes. Decree.

Mr Skinner – I thank your Lordship. I was not aware of that.

03/11/1881 – Fife Herald – Anstruther. We understand that the Colephington Brick and Tile Works which have been for a length of time in the hands of Mr Skinner, Cellardyke are now in a lease by Mr Wilson from the neighbourhood of Falkirk. The rent is continued we hear at £35 per annum with a royalty at a given sum, only to be anticipated however from more drainage improvements that have taken place in recent years.

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