Clayknows Pottery and Brick Works, Gallowgate, Glasgow

Broom, Brownlee and Bruce, Greenhill, Falkirk are listed as the makers of Claynows bricks by Falkirk Museums and Archives and they may well be correct however I suspect there will be a connection to the details noted below.

1841 – 1842 – Alex Paterson, manager, Clayknowes Brickworks, ho. 486 Gallowgate and John Johnston, proprietor of Clayknowes Pottery, Brick and Tile Works, house Blair lodge.

Below – 13/08/1842 – The Scotsman – Clayknows Brick and Tile Works, Gallowgate, Glasgow for sale. Alexander Paterson.

1847 – 1848  – John Johnston, Clayknowes Pottery, Brick and Drain and Tile Work, Gallowgate Road, house Comely Park, do.

Below – 07/08/1848 – Glasgow Herald – Drain tiles and pipes on sale at Clayknowes Tilework, Gallowgate Street, Glasgow. Apply John Johnston at the works. 28/07/1848.

1849 – 1850 –  Clayknowes Pottery, 624 Gallowgate.

13/05/1850 – Glasgow Herald – Valuable properties in Glasgow – to be sold by public roup … that other valuable property on the south side of Gallowgate Road called Clayknowes consisting of 17203 square yards, bounded by the Gallowgate Road on the north along which it extends 175 feet. This property is surrounded by a high brick wall and is also suited for a large Work requiring extensive accommodation or it may be continued in part as a drain, tile and pipework as at present having on the ground a steam engine, clay mills, patent drain, tile and pipe machines, extensive drying sheds, kilns, stoves and other conveniences for their manufacture and for which the work now commands a steady and increasing demand. Apply to Mr Johnston, Comely Park, Glasgow.

1850 – 1851 – John Johnston, Clayknowes Pottery, Brick and Drain-tile and Drain-pipe, tile work, Gallowgate Road, house, Comely Park, do.

1852 – John Johnston (brick and drain tile and drain pipework manufacturer), Clayknowes Pottery, Gallowgate Road.

Below – 1878 – A reference to Clayknows in Slaters Advertiser for Denny Stirlingshire but also note the reference to Glasgow. (So was the Clayknowes Pottery in Gallowgate Glasgow  part of the same company that owned the Clayknowes Brick Works in Bonnybridge?)


So are bricks marked Claynows from Gallowgate, Glasgow or Bonnybridge? I suspect from my find locations that they are from Bonnybridge as I have found some on and near the Clayknowes Brick Works site at Bonnybridge.


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