Cadder Brick Co Ltd, Balmore Works, Balmuildy Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow

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The Cadder Brick Co Ltd, Balmore Works, Balmuildy Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow.


27/02/1929 – Kirkintilloch Herald – Accident – While engaged in filling blaes from a bing at Mount Vernons Colliery Company’s Cadder Brick Works, Bishopbriggs on Saturday, Jas Flannigan, 1139 Shettleston Road, Glasgow was injured by a large stone which fell and caught him on the ribs. After receiving medical attention, he was conveyed in an ambulance wagon to the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow where he was detained.

30/09/1931 – Kirkintilloch Herald – New Company – Among the new companies registered last week was the Cadder Brick Co Ltd. Capital £4,500 in £1 shares. Private company to carry on the business of manufacturers and dealers in bricks, pottery, earthenware, china and terra cotta and ceramic ware of all kinds. Subscribers – A.A Stuart, brick manufacturer, Langlands, Carrick Drive, North Mount Vernon; Alexander Aitken, brick manufacturer, 27 Montrose Street, Clydebank and Howard R Kirk, brick manufacturer, Uladh Tower, Dalmuir.

28/07/1934 – Kirkintilloch Herald – A new Brickwork – Preparations for the opening of a large new Brickwork have commenced at Bishopbriggs. A start has been made with the building of the chimney stalk and also a 24 chamber kiln, each chamber capable of holding 10,000 bricks. Machinery of the latest type suitable for dealing with a large output is also to be installed. A lease of the ground has been secured by Messrs The Cadder Brick Co Ltd, 250 Alexandra parade, Glasgow from Messers Keir and Cawder Ltd, Bishopbriggs, the proprietors of the Cadder Estate. The new brickfield is situated on ground adjoining No 15 pit, a former colliery now closed and worked by Messrs Carron Coy, Falkirk. There is a large blaes bing at No 15 pit and also 2 other blaes bings at 2 old disused collieries nearby, which ensures a plentiful supply of material for many years. The opening of the brickfield will give work to a number of men in the district, who have suffered much unemployment since the closing down of the collieries in the vicinity.

Below – 28/11/1934 – Kirkintilloch Herald – The new Cadder brickworks.

30/11/1934 – Kirkintilloch Gazette – The Cadder Brick Co Ltd have opened a new works at Balmuildy Road, Bishopbriggs where kilns built by Messers Duncan Stewart Ltd, Bonnybridge are capable of an output of 180,000 bricks per week. Production began on Monday. It is expected that 40 employees will get work.

14/10/1935 – The Scotsman – Bishopbriggs firm’s purchase of brickwork. Keir & Cawder ltd Bishopbriggs have acquired from the Cadder Brick Co Ltd, Bishopbriggs the latters brickwork at Cadder Moss. Opened in 1928 the brickfield is equipped with all the latest methods of production. Messrs Keir and Cawder have also acquired the large blae bings on the Springfield Estate at Bishopbriggs for the manufacture of bricks and commenced to transport the blaes from Springfield to Cadder Moss brickwork

18/11/1936 – Kirkintilloch Herald – Brick works transport – To facilitate the importation of the necessary material and also the export of bricks, Messrs Keir and Cawder Ltd, Bishopbriggs have overhauled and relaid the old colliery railway formerly owned by the Carron Company which runs from Cadder yard of the L and NE Railway near Lenzie to their brickfields at Cadder Moss, Bishopbriggs, a distance of about 2 miles. The demand for bricks has necessitated this step and the railway will be used in addition to the present motor transport.

1936 – 1937 – The Cadder Brick Co., Ltd., brick manufacturers, 250 Alexandra parade, E.l ; Tel. No., Bridgeton 1125.

17/07/1937 – The Scotsman – Demand for bricks causes cancellation of holidays. Owing to the orders on hand and the demand for bricks, employees of the Cadder Brick Co Ltd, Bishopbriggs are not being granted any holidays this year but are receiving double pay for 3 days, this being the length of the recognised annual holiday.

03/05/1939 – The Scotsman – Tile Factory at Cadder – 10 acres of ground have been secured on Messrs Keir and Cawder’s estate at Crofthead Farm, Cadder, Bishopbriggs by the Merrylee Tile Company, London who propose laying down plant etc for the manufacture of roofing tiles for houses. Plans of the firms proposals have been considered by Lanarkshire County Council who have recommended that the chairman of the town planning committee and the town planning assistant discuss certain proposals with the company. Crofthead Farm is adjacent to Kirkintilloch Road and this will ensure easy transport.

1939 – 1940 –  The Cadder Brick Co Ltd,brick manufacturers, 250 Alexandra parade, E.l ; Tel. No., Bridgeton 1125.

Below – 12/07/1946 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – Marley Tile Co ltd have commenced making concrete roofing tiles at Cadder, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow  ( Unsure at this time whether this, as in the Merrylee Tile Company 1939 advert above, is on Keir and Cawder land or not)

16/10/1946 – Kirkintilloch Herald  – Going strong – Working a 2 shift system of 8 hours, Messrs Keir and Cawder Ltd are making 20,000 bricks per day at their Cadder Brickworks, Bishopbriggs. One of the most modern brickworks in Scotland, the firm has discarded the old system of hand loading the bricks from the machine into bogies and then wheeling them to the kilns for burning by the introduction of an electrically controlled conveyor belt. The belt receives the bricks from the pressing machine and conveys them along the top of the kilns where the men and women engaged as ‘setters’ build the bricks ready for burning. Formerly coal was used to assist in firing the kilns, so as to obtain the necessary heat but, to meet the coal situation, the firm have introduced oil instead of coal. Bricks ready for disposal, which were previously hand loaded into bogies are now loaded direct into the awaiting vehicles by a travelling conveyor which is movable from kiln to kiln as they are ready for emptying. Through the above methods much laborious hand work has been eliminated and in addition, a speedier output is maintained.

13/11/1946 – Kirkintilloch Herald – Sounds in the night – A car back firing may have started the scare which set detectives and police speeding to the Cadder Brick Works, Balmore early on Tuesday. A burner at the brick works told the police that he had heard  two voices in the darkness speaking with what seemed to be a foreign language and then two reports, like revolver shots. Police however reported later that they found nothing suspicious in the area.


Info from Andrew Gemmell

Carron Co. Carron Stirlingshire owned Cadder Mines near the Wilderness Plantation, Bishopbriggs.
Alexandra Transport Co., Alexandra Parade, Glasgow made Cadder bricks from waste out of mines and clay from Blairskaith Quarry in the Parish of Baldernock.
Lots of men lost their lives in a fire at Cadder Mines in August 1913. No 15 pit and 22 men were suffocated.
Bricks then became ATC, Alexandra Transport Company.
Then became Scottish Brick Company.
Then they shut the place and moved it to the Caterpillar Works at Uddingston under the name of Ibstock.
Then they have shut that and I think Ibstock are bring their bricks up to Mossend, the Eurocentre.



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