Broompark Brick and Tile Works, Torphichen, West Lothian

Canmore – A large brick and tile works consisting of three long drying sheds and two large kilns. A 10 h.p. steam engine is used in the manufacture. The clay pits lie to the west (one is shown at NS 9670 7187) and the clay is conveyed to the sheds by a small iron tramway. About sixteen hands male and female, constantly employed. The property is feued by John Alexander from W Gillon of Wallhouse.

1850s – Brickmaking at Armadale, West Lothian, Scotland – S. Campbell Passmore – … At first, the Monkands Iron Company bought bricks from the Broompark Works near Torpichen but then the company established their own brickworks …

Below – 1854 – Broompark Brick and Tile Works.

06/07/1865 – Falkirk Herald – A girl, named Catherine Leech, daughter of a miner residing in Engine Lane, Bathgate, while at her usual employment in Mr Alexander’s Brick and Tile Works, Broompark, had one of her arms frightfully mutilated, by the machinery in the clay mill, as to render amputation of the limb at once necessary.

1878 – John Alexander, brick and tile maker, Nethermuir and Broompark, Bathgate and Cowdenhill Blairdarty by Duntocher. (Note – SBH – I believe that Blairdarty is the same as Blairdardie).

1890s – The brick and tile works are described as in ruins.

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