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AI2O3 40-42%

P.C.E. Cone 34

P.L.C. 2hrs @ 1450 C 0.2%(-)

Porosity 20-22%

R.U.L. 5% subsidence at 1600 C

C.C.S. 3000-4000 lb./

Modern Furnace requirements necessitate the use of bricks in the higher alumina range with good physical properties: OCTO quality has proved extremely satisfactory and economic under these more severe conditions where good refractoriness and resistance to thermal shock are required. OCTO brand also has excellent resistance to corrosive slags, including the fused ash of most fuels in common use.

Applications include:- Boilers, Burner Blocks for oil or gas firing, Electric Furnace Crowns, Hot Blast Stove Linings, Regenerators (checker tops and chambers). Reheating Furnaces and Soaking Pits.

Recommended jointing cements:- OCTO quality Fireclay, B.S.CEMENT No. 3


AL2O3 30-32%

P.C.E. Cone 30-31

P.L.C. 2 hrs. @. 1350 C nil

Porosity 19-21%

R.U.L. 5% subsidence. @. 1560 C

C.C.S. 4000-5000 lb./

An excellent general-purpose Scotch Firebrick with the merit of volume consistency at medium operating temperatures (c. 1350 C), combined with good spalling resistance. Manufactures on modern machines and well fired in continuous kilns under close pyrometer control, this brick is very hard and resistant to abrasion and slag attack.

Applications include:- Ceramic Kilns, Regenerators ( lower zones), Cupolas, Furnace Doors, Gas Producers, Ladles, Soaking pits, Hot Blast Stoves.

Recommended jointing cements:- Ground Fireclay or Ganister, BONSILENE, B.S. CEMENT NO 1

 Applicable to standard shapes.


AI2O3 36-38%

P.C.E. Cone 32

P.L.C. 2 hrs. @ 1410 C M. 0.1% (-)

Porosity 21-23%

R.U.L. 5% subsidence @ 1600 C

C.C.S. 3000_4000 lb./

This brand has acquired a considerable reputation for consistency of quality and accuracy of shape and size, resulting from the use of modern manufacturing methods of all types, followed by closely controlled continuous kiln firing. Because of its accurate shape San size, economies in time and labour are achieved by its use

Applications include:- Boilers, Furnace Doors, Hot Blast Stove Linings, Kilns (Industrial and ceramic). Regenerators, Reheating Furnaces and Soaking Pits. Suitable for general dry-heat duty up to 1400 C hot face.

Recommended jointing cements:- Calder quality Fireclay, BONSILENE, B.S. CEMENT No1


SiO2 78-80%

P.C.E. Cone 29-30

P.L.C. 2 hrs. @. 1350 C nil

Porosity 25-27%

R.U.L. 5% subsidence @ 1525 C

Bulk Density 120 lb./cu.ft.

This siliceous refractory has a definite field of application where constancy of volume at moderate temperatures (hot face up to 1300 C) and reasonable lightness is required. Being more resistant to spalling than pure silica, it is, therefore, suitable for certain applications in the Carbonising Industry. The above properties, together with a lower conductivity than normal firebrick, make B.S.F. BRAND an ideal choice for arches of wide span such as Reheating Furnace Roofs, etc.

Recommended jointing cements:- Ground Ganister, BONSILENE, B.S. CEMENT NO. 2.


AI2O3 60-62%

P.C.E. Cone 36

P.L.C. 2hrs. at 1500 C 0.5% (+)

R.U.L. 5% subsidence @ 1680 C

Porosity 18-20%

C.C.S. 6000-8000 lb./

Morgan Marshall

Abradability Index Below 100

Resistance to CO Attack No disintegration after 200 hrs. This refractory contains Andalusite, an inert natural aluminosilicate, as a major constituent. Properties of strength, abrasion resistance and thermal shock resistance are outstanding and in applications where these factors are of importance. NOVO 60 ‘A’ Brand provides a satisfactory alternative to Sillimanite at considerably less cost.

Applications include:- Blast Furnace Linings, Rotary Kiln Linings, Soaking Pit and Reheating Furnace Hearths and Side Walls, Regenerator Checkers, Burner Blocks.

Recommended jointing cement:- B.S. CEMENT No. 7N.


AI2O3 60-62%

P.C.E. Cone 35-36

P.L.C. 2hrs. @ 1450 C 0.5% (+)

R.U.L. 5% subsidence at 1670 C

Porosity. 23-25%

The properties of this High Alumina refractory make it particularly suitable for use in intermediate and hot zones of Rotary Kilns. The slight after-expansion has the effect of minimising attack at joints and prevents loosening of the bricks in service.

Other applications include the top courses of Regenerator checkers (oxygen-blown open hearth and glass tank furnaces).

Recommended jointing cement:- B.S.CEMENT No 7N



AI2O3 57-59%

P.C.E. Cone 36 (1790 C)

P.L.C. 2 hrs @ 1500 C nil

* Porosity. 22-24%

* R.U.L. 5% subsidence @ 1700 C 28 lb./

* C.C.S. 4000-5000 lb./

This brick is manufactured from Indian Kyanite, which contains a neglible amount of fusible Oxides, and is of exceptional value where high refractoriness-under-load is required together with good resistance to thermal shock.

Applications include:- Burner Blocks, Boilers, Glass Furnace Ports, and for all high-temperature furnace construction where large safety factor justifies a relatively high initial cost.

Recommended jointing cement:- B.S. CEMENT No. 7.


AI2O3 Over 75%

P.C.E. Cone 36 (1790 C)

P.L.C. 2 hrs. @ 1600 C nil

* Porosity 22-24%

* R.U.L. 5% subsidence @ 1700 C+ 28lb./

* C.C.S. 8000-10,000 lb./

* Morgan Marshall

Abradability Index Below 100

NOVO SUPER 70 BRAND, because of a combination of properties, including high refractoriness, excellent resistance to thermal shock, slag attack and abrasion, is in the first rank among new materials available to furnace designers and operators for applications in modern hard-driven furnaces.

Applications include:- Rotary Kiln Linings, Soaking Pit and Reheating Furnace Hearth and Side Wall construction, and Open Hearth Furnace up takes.

Recommended jointing cement:- B.S. CEMENT No. 7N


Bonnybridge Silica brands

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