White Hill

Found North Esk River, Auchendinny.

White Hill Tile Works, Carrington Parish, Midlothian.

The Scottish Industrial Archaeology Survey publication of 1985 entitled “A survey of Scottish brickmarks” states that a brick they recovered and stamped ‘White Hill’ was manufactured at the White Hill Tile Works, Carrington Parish, Midlothian. It does not elaborate as to whether the words ‘White’ and ‘Hill’ were side by side or one over the other as in this example. An example of ‘White’ and ‘Hill’ on the same line has never been found  … yet!

If the White Hill brick is not from the White Hill Tile Works then it is undoubtedly a product of the Whitehill Brickworks, Rosewell, Edinburgh, Midlothian. Indeed the ‘W’ with slightly concave curved sides on White Hill on this brick with and teh shape and style of the lettering is very consistent of this being a Whitehill Brickworks, Rosewell brick.

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