Westfield Brick and Tile Works, Ellon, Aberdeenshire

1834 – Westfield Brick and Tile Works established.

25/10/1848 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – Brick and tile work – To let, at Westfield near Auchmacoy. Consisting of a kiln, about 20 feet long by 10 feet wide: a drying shed of size to keep the kiln at work; a mill for working the clay; with other suitable instruments for manufacturing house and drain tiles, likewise a shed for burning bricks, capable of containing 40,000 and a coal house. Apply, personally to Mt David Brown, Atrochie by Ellon, who has for sale,  several thousand drain tiles at 27s 6d per thousand. 24/10/1847.

20/03/1850 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – Westfield Brick and Tile Work. The subscribers beg respectfully to intimate to Agriculturists and others, that they have leased the Westfield Brickwork, formerly carried on by Mr Brown; and from the superior nature of the clay at their command, and practical knowledge of the business, they hope to merit- their patronage and support. The business in future will be carried on solely by them, and they will be happy to supply parties, on reasonable terms, with all sorts of drain pipes and tiles, roofing tiles, bricks, &c. George Gray, manager. Alex Marr. Ellon 18/03/1850.

Below – 31/12/1851 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – The partnership of George Gray and Alexander Marr, carrying on the business of brick and tile manufacturing at Westfield of Auchmacoy is now dissolved and George Gray will continue the business on his own.

1865 – 1871 – ScotlandsPlaces – Westfield Brick and Tile Works. A pretty large brick and tile work. Commenced in 1834 at which drain-tiles were first made north of the Tay – having kilns, sheds, and all the necessary apparatus for manufacturing the same. George Gray, tenant.

Below – 1867 – Westfield Brick and Tile Works.

22/07/1868 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – Westfield Brick and Tile Works – 06/07/1868 – The subscriber begs to intimate that on the above date he reduced the prices of  1 1/2″ and 2″ drain pipes, 1 s 6d and common bricks 5s per M. George Gray

30/12/1874 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – Drain pipes etc, A large quantity on hand at Westfield Brick and Tile Works, Ellon. Pipes good quality, from 1 1/2″ to 6″ bore can be supplied at the works or put on trucks at Ellon Railway Station at reasonable prices. George Gray.

06/10/1875 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – Drain pipes- The subscriber begs to intimate having reduced the price of drain pipes from 15 to 205 at the Works and at Ellon Railway Station. Price lists on application to George Gray, Westfield Brick and Tile Works. Ellon 01/10/1875.

25/04/1876 – Banffshire Journal – School Board Elections – Candidates … George Gray, Westfield Brickworks, Auchmacoy, William Forbes, Tipperty Brickworks …

27/03/1877 – Banffshire Journal – Farm, brick and tile works and two crofts on the Auchmahoy Estate for let  – The compact farm of Westfield with the brick and tile works of Auchmahoy, presently occupied by George Gray and containing 74 acres or thereby of excellent land. The clay bank is of superior quality, very convenient and easily removed. The farmhouse and offices are in good repair and sufficient and there are two cottages with a good kiln which are within a few miles of Ellon Railway Station …


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