Unmarked brick with cat paw prints

Found on the old site of the Atlas and Etna Brickworks, Armadale, West Lothian.

Unmarked brick with cat paw prints. There may be another 2 paw prints on the brick but I am not certain so I have not marked them.

Unidentified maker.

Find location would suggest Scottish origins but …

Could the central circular mark be the bottom of a bowl impression?

So how about this scenario – The workers at the brickworks put out a saucer or bowl of milk for the brickworks cat and lay it down on a ‘green’ brick which is lying out on the ground to air dry prior to firing. The cat approaches from left and stops to enjoy its drink – note both (front) paw prints are side by side as if crouched or sitting at the bowl. The bowl is then either lifted away or is knocked over by the cat which then proceeds to walk off the other end of the brick …


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