Seed Pan / Malt Kiln Tile

Found at Mill of Watten, Caithness by IS

This could be a seed pan for germination seedlings in or a malting tile – these were perforated tile on the malting house floor which allowed air to flow  up through the malt – see link

It is possible that this is for germinating seeds as per this advert below from the Culloden Tile Works..see 2nd last  paragraph …”They have also to intimate that, in a few days, they will be able to announce the prices of firebricks and fireclay; of all sorts of ornamental, common and fireclay cans, of beautifully ornamented common and fireclay pedestals, vases, flower pots, seed pans etc”…..malt tiles look a much finer and less rustic product than Ians find.


Culloden tile works price list etc

20/02/2016 – Update – This would actually appear to be a malt kiln tile as per Buckley Society

malt kiln tile Emrys garden

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