Rules Mains Tileworks, Duns, Berwickshire

29/11/1844 – Kelso Chronicle – New drain tile works. We are happy to record that William Hay Esq, of Dunse Castle, has erected a drain tile work on the farm of Rulesmains, part of his estate for the manufacturing of drain tiles. This must be a great boon to the tenants on this extensive estate, as well as to the agriculturalists in the surrounding neighbourhood as the expense of carriage will be greatly lessened on account of the short drive. The tiles drawn from the first kiln were good and well burnt. Mr John Brodie, the manager, has great credit by the design and erection of the work. The tile machine is one of Mr Etheridge’s and the steam engine is made by Messrs Hope of Coldstream. The clay in the field is of superior quality. We trust that the encouragement of the work will repay the proprietor for his enterprising spirit in its erection.

Below – 1857 – Duns Brick and Tile Works.

1867 – James Whitson & Co, Brick and Tile Makers,  Dunse (Duns) Berwickshire.


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